The Caveman Stance

Feb.27th Houston Tx. ( Pics and Vids inside )

This was a crazy night. Went to hang with a couple of friends of mine in the Southside of Houston Tx. My good Friend DonKey got a set of Work Rezax for his S14. So we decided to go for a cruise/shoot. While we were rollin for a shoot out of nowhere. Me and Sambo notice donkey’s right tire was losing air and the tire was about to fall off.. haha So we pulled over. The man ( Donkey ) had no damn spare tire. So Jon and Darnell took off to go get a spare while me, Sambo, Donkey, and Marco SPooon kicked it on the side of the freeway. Well it was getting a little chilly outside we decided to get into Sambo’s accord to warm up and bump to some oldschoo0l MFDOOM . Then bitch ass Ivan calls us up and asked what we were doing right now. So sambo told him what we were doing and 15 mins later he creeps up behind of us. Like wtF..  So he kicks it with us. Then 10 minutes later… The cops roll up.. Sambo and marco spoon’s reaction was – OH SHIT… I think I got a warrant. Haha The cop comes up to us and asks wats going on and if everything is good. So we told them the story and they told us to be careful. ( it was good to know the law was very concerned for our saftey Thanks htown’s finest ) So they take off. Sambo calls to check if he gots warrants, but the office was closed at 12am, but it was 11:59pm ( owwnnned ) Well Jon and Darnell get back on time, put the damn tire on and roll the fuck out. I was already getting tired and not in the mood to shoot pics, but they pull into a random parkin lot.. So I took some sketchy pics and did a sketchy vid. After that we hit up Buffalo Wild Wings and ended up with more problems on the way home, but that my friend is another story.. Enjoi.. HAHA

screwthis from John Lucio on Vimeo.

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