The Caveman Stance


Cruisin the night with Yoshi and Boney Bone

Nothing Professional. from John Lucio on Vimeo.

Cookout with tha Homies!!!

Cookout with my peeps from John Lucio on Vimeo.

cupcake meet 7

this past weekend was a great turnout at the American Airlines Center in Dallas for Cupcake Meet 7.

enjoy the pictures

512 Project Hellaflush X Stanceworks Black Label

Even with the heat we still managed to have a good time. Enjoy what i was able to capture while i was sweating buckets.

Farewell and Goodbye… ;( Robz G.

This car came a long ways and till now its time to close the chapter for this G35.



R.I.P. Gangstarr

Swang N Bang x Stance Works x Import Reactor 2010

Man what a blast it was with the family in The Woodlands two weekends ago at Import Reactor 2010..
Chillin .. relaxing.. goofin around.. and gettin drunk under the blazin’ Texas sun…  Couldn’t of asked for more to start off the month of April…

Also Congrats to our boy, Yoshi, for taking home the award of Best Stance… Congrats homie….

And my bad on being so late with pics for this event… my laptop died.. editing these one day… =[

But onward to pictures…..

Import Reactor 2010....

so sexy....

the knight in shiny armor....

the dark knight...

Stackwell up and ready to surrve!!

For purchasing his this link up. STACKWELL!!!

STACKWELL Spring 2010 Behind the Scenes Footage

We got a little behind the scenes footage that my boy apollo put together to give you a little taste of that new line up from STACKWELL at the AFRONT store in Houston Tx. with special guest appearance Donald BROOKS.. chek chek chek it outt!!

Spring 2010 tees to drop next week. Save your STACKS for STACKWELL!

Premium Goods

2416 Times Blvd.

Houston Tx. 77005 #713-523-8825

Feb.27th Houston Tx. ( Pics and Vids inside )

This was a crazy night. Went to hang with a couple of friends of mine in the Southside of Houston Tx. My good Friend DonKey got a set of Work Rezax for his S14. So we decided to go for a cruise/shoot. While we were rollin for a shoot out of nowhere. Me and Sambo notice donkey’s right tire was losing air and the tire was about to fall off.. haha So we pulled over. The man ( Donkey ) had no damn spare tire. So Jon and Darnell took off to go get a spare while me, Sambo, Donkey, and Marco SPooon kicked it on the side of the freeway. Well it was getting a little chilly outside we decided to get into Sambo’s accord to warm up and bump to some oldschoo0l MFDOOM . Then bitch ass Ivan calls us up and asked what we were doing right now. So sambo told him what we were doing and 15 mins later he creeps up behind of us. Like wtF..  So he kicks it with us. Then 10 minutes later… The cops roll up.. Sambo and marco spoon’s reaction was – OH SHIT… I think I got a warrant. Haha The cop comes up to us and asks wats going on and if everything is good. So we told them the story and they told us to be careful. ( it was good to know the law was very concerned for our saftey Thanks htown’s finest ) So they take off. Sambo calls to check if he gots warrants, but the office was closed at 12am, but it was 11:59pm ( owwnnned ) Well Jon and Darnell get back on time, put the damn tire on and roll the fuck out. I was already getting tired and not in the mood to shoot pics, but they pull into a random parkin lot.. So I took some sketchy pics and did a sketchy vid. After that we hit up Buffalo Wild Wings and ended up with more problems on the way home, but that my friend is another story.. Enjoi.. HAHA

screwthis from John Lucio on Vimeo.

Such a beautiful day at the carwash Video.. CLICK HERE!!

Such a beautiful day at the carwash from John Lucio on Vimeo.

A little bit…

Welcome to!

Swang & Bang Photoshoot from on Vimeo.

Swangnbang Crew would like to thank Ben from Stanceworks, Eddie, and Justin for making this possible.

It’s Friday Night!!!

Well the weekend is here. It’s Friday night!! So I decided to bring my camera and did a couple of snap shots of what we normally do on the weekends. I’m a  little buzzed from taking the pics so forgive me I’m not a professional. haha Enjoi!!! Thanks for stopping by and have a good weekend! Be sure to run by the

SwangnBang met up with Ben from

We have alot more pics to come. . Stay tuned!!

Fun times/Swangin

Ok I had some time to play catch up on some pics, but didn’t take much, but on the next coming up events I will be planning to shoot more, but these are Random pics from the previous Cupcake meet at saigon mall and also pics from sliding in the wharehouse with Jon Serna’s S14 and last but not least pics in a deserted Htown nieghborhood with Sambosuda and Jon Serna. Enjoy the pics.

One Random Night

11/22/2009 Ain’t nothing like a nice cold Saturday afternoon with nothing to do. So I ask my crew to come out and play. Took a couple of shots… Enjoi!!!

P.S. Stretch tires and rocks don’t mix…. Have a good day everyone… ~one love~

Raymond L.

CupCake Meet #5 Video

cup cake meet part 1 from Allan Bounthiharat on Vimeo.